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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

  • Bakersfield Locations: 7am - 9pm (Summer) 7am - 7pm (Winter)
  • Lancaster Location: 7am - 8pm (Summer) 7am- 7pm (Winter)
  • Palmdale Location: 7am - 9pm (Summer) 7am - 7pm (Winter)
  • Where can I cancel my wash membership?

    To ensure the most accurate and timely changes to your plan, cancellations must be done by our customer support team. You can reach them via our CONTACT page, or by calling us at 661.837.9485 8am to 4pm M-F.

    Does Cruz Thru Car Wash use recycled water?

    Yes! We proudly use recycled water throughout our wash process. We also use recycled, non-potable water on our landscape, and for washing down our concrete, and wash bays. Our water recycling system is capable of producing over 100 gallons of recycled water a minute, which is much more then we need to get your vehicle clean. To ensure even more water savings, we utilize a computerized car wash system that turns soaps, waxes, and water spray on precisely on the front of your vehicle, and off as soon as the rear bumper passes. You can learn all about our water recycling program HERE.

    Does Cruz Thru Car Wash offer rain checks in the event of inclement weather or other "acts of God"?

    No, sorry, we do not offer rain checks at this time.

    Does Cruz Thru Car Wash have a re-wash policy?

    Yes, if you feel your vehicle is still dirty after your wash, please let one of our attendants know and we'll wash it again for no additional charge. It is up to our store manager's discretion to let you re-wash a third time.

    Do you wash trucks?

    Yes, we are able to wash most trucks. However, we have a height restriction of 84". In fact, we do not charge extra for trucks and SUVs like most other car washes do in Southern California. But what we do ask as a courtesy is that you clean out all tools, trash, rocks, sand, tie downs, ropes, and debris from the bed of your truck before you enter the tunnel. Failing to do so will cause a delay at the wash and on busy days that might frustrate other customers waiting behind you. Thanks for helping us out with this and helping us remain speedy for all of our customers! If you are uncertain of the height of your vehicle, bring it by one of our locations and please ask one of our Greeters or Safety Attendants and they can double-check your vehicle for you. We are unable to wash dually, oversized or lowered trucks.

    Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, all major credit cards are accepted at our locations.

    Is it safe if I have a ski, ladder, or roof rack?

    In most cases it is safe to take a vehicle with a rack on the top thru one of our car wash tunnels, but if you have any concern, please ask one of our Greeters or Safety Attendants when you come thru, and they will double-check your vehicle.

    Does Cruz Thru offer any franchise opportunities?

    No, we are a privately owned and operated company, have no plans to offer franchises in the future.