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Fleet Account Information

If you would like to keep your corporate fleet clean, then you've come to the right place!  Cruz Thru Express offers two different Fleet formats; simply choose the option that best fills your need.  For more information, please fill out the following form, or call the Cruz Thru Express Company Headquarters (661.837.9485) and speak with an Account Manager.

Fleet Unlimited

$25/month per Vehicle (regularly $35)

The Fleet Unlimited plan lets you wash your company vehicle as often as you like. Starting at just $25.00 a month, and always including "The Works" wash, you can't find a better deal anywhere! License plate numbers are required, and a fastPass barcode sticker will be placed on the lower driver side corner of the windshield. A monthly invoice will be mailed out, and your company is welcome to pay via check.

Fleet Usage

$6/visit per vehicle (regularly $9)

If you feel that you wont wash your fleet of vehicles often enough to take advantage of our Fleet Unlimited option, then Fleet Usage could be right for you. Each time you visit, your fastPass barcode will be scanned and your company account will be charged $6 per visit for "The Works" wash. With the Fleet Usage plan, you will receive a monthly invoice for your vehicles, and your company is welcome to pay via check. Fleet Usage billing for fleets of 20 vehicles or more

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